I missed the beginning, but I caught most of the Emmy’s on Sunday, and I must say I loved it.
Loved the trend towards vibrant color on the red carpet and the many varied silhouettes…the fashion was less cookie cutter than some seasons past.

I have to start with my overall favorite for the evening….Lizzie Caplan in Donna Karan. I absolutely love her, the dress, the hair, the makeup…she just looks cooler than everyone else.

lizzie caplan brian atwood

How fun is this? Teyonah Parris (Mad Men) cleans up gooood. She is a walking Happiness billboard. I want to chew gum with her.

teyonah parris

Red and Coral were the biggest color hits of the evening, and I thought Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked amazing. The cut on this Carolina Herrera is perfect and everything about her looked polished. Even her lengthy lip lock with Bryan Cranston couldn’t muss up her flawless hair and makeup.

julia louis-dreyfus carolina herrera

January Jones in Prabul Gurung. She was less mean-looking than usual, which I thought was a definite step in the right direction.

january jones prabal gurung

Heidi Klum doesn’t grace too many Best-dressed lists, but here she surprised us! I absolutely love the elegant simplicity of this look. It’s also the most clothes I’ve ever seen her wear at one time. I would have loved to see what’s going on in the back.

Heidi Klum Zac Posen

Octavia Spencer knows how to dress to flatter her figure, and she looked stunning.

octavia spencer

I got so excited to see Sarah Hyland in this Christian Siriano…I may be tired of seeing midriff tops but this was just absolutely adorable and fresh and suited her age and style…just perfect!

sarah hyland christian siriano

Hmmm. I don’t know. I like that Sarah Paulson chose something different, but it just reminds me of doing the dishes. Her hair and makeup are adorable.

sarah paulson

Navy and hues of blue were also prominent and I thought Julia Roberts wore it best. I love that she did short…this is the awards show to do it, the beading brings it to a level that can carry the shorter length, and with her legs it was a smart move. Loved her hair, her makeup, her megawatt smile…the only thing keeping her from being a perfect 10 is her irritating personality.  The only thing more obnoxious than channeling her inner Oprah while announcing nominees Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson for Truuue Detectiiiiiiiiivvvvvve, was how she once again made presenting an award to someone else all about her…”I feel sorry for anyone not hugging me in the next 10 seconds.” But, she looked great.

julia roberts elie saab

And I just ADORED Julie Bowen’s Peter Som dress. Wearing a print is a risk and this one is fresh and chic.

julie bowen

Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli. The term that comes to mind is Breath of Fresh Air. Lovely, youthful, refined, yet still fun. 

allison williams giambattista valli

Pale lovelies. Kristen Wiig and Michelle Monaghan

kristen wiig vera wang


michelle monaghan giambattista valli

Matthew McConaughey’s wife looked gorgeous in Zuhair Murad. Was it just me or did anyone else notice these two barely spoke a word to each all evening and they looked extremely unhappy.

Matthew McConaughey Camila Alves Zuhair Murad

Debra Messing looked the best she has in years, and I loved this dress on her. I wish the stylists would let her wear her hair curly, but this serves.

debra messing

My pick for Biggest Risk Taker…

I have to tip my hat to Robin Wright. Although I wish her HMU artist hadn’t gone for the androgynous Glenn Close vibe, I guess it worked with the overall look.

Robin Wright

I was kinda all Meh, and then she turned around…


Robin Wright back

Michelle Dockery in Rosie Assoulin. Do you like it?

michelle dockery rosie assoulin

The metallic and sparkle trend was worn best by Gwen Stafani. This is not an easy look to pull off, and on someone else it probably would have failed, but I thought she looked amazing.

gwen stafani atelier versace

Two looks that look very much like recent Auf’s on Project Runway:

Keke Palmer’s dress…wasn’t this the exact same dress the judges ripped apart for the boob wings?

keke palmer

And Sarah Silverman’s green dress, which also strongly resembled the dress that narrowly missed getting kicked off. I thought Sarah looked beautiful! The boobies were a little free and easy, but what the hell.

sarah silverman

Priceless trip to receive her Emmy!

sarah silverman

Well, it’s that time.
What was your least favorite of the evening?

I have to start with Christina Hendricks.
I’m sorry. But, I don’t get this. It looks like a costume from the saloon on Hell on Wheels.
And both she and Kate Walsh should fire their hair stylists.
I don’t understand that flattened crown head with the loose waves at the bottom…like hat head.

Christina Hendricks Marchesa

I loved the concept of this dress, but this color was tough on Kate. Hair and makeup sucked.

kate walsh

This Givenchy on Claire Danes was just too potato-sack-y. I doubt it was intended to fit this way. The neck embellishment looked like a craft project. It was just wrong.

claire danes givenchy

And this dress on Helen Mirren was just too matronly. Wait…What? OMG…Katherine Heigl? Just. No.

katherine heigl

Amanda Peet almost gets a pass because shes pregnant. Almost.

amanda peet

Juliana Marguiles’ dress was one of my least favorites, probably because it got tons of air time and I had to keep looking at it.

julianna marguilles narcisco rodriguez

Kerry Washington and her Prada dress made most of the best dressed lists…I’m just not feeling it.

Kerry Washington Prada

And, yeah. I feel this is a little too easy, but I’m pretty sure she knew what she was getting into, so Lena Dunham takes it for worst dressed.

lena dunham giambattista valli

All photos courtesy of: Jezebel/Getty Images/RCFA

What were your favorites from the Emmy’s?

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Meet our fabulous KOKOON Brand Ambassador, Ashley Russo!

Ashley grew up in New Jersey and moved to NYC for college. After graduating, she moved to Pennsylvania where she has lived for the past 9 years. Ashley resides in Lehigh Valley and is the Owner and Executive Producer of ASR Media Productions as well as the host of the weekly lifestyle news magazine show, the Peak TV!


KOKOON: What are your hobbies, interests, favorite activities…?

Ashley: My favorite hobby is horseback riding — there are 3 generations of horseback riders in my family! It is something I grew up doing and something we all enjoy doing together. I love to travel and my favorite destination is probably Italy — it is hard to beat Italy! All the food! That is why KOKOON is the perfect travel option — I live in the leggings and the Otto cigarette pants.

KOKOON: How were you introduced to KOKOON?

Ashley: I was introduced to KOKOON through my friend Karen Galrao (current Sales Rep) who was not a Sales Rep at the time but she hosted a party and I thought it would be fun to check out something new and different. And then I fell in love with the clothing! I love that it can go from day to night, that it can be thrown in a bag and be ready to wear. My lifestyle is pretty hectic — filming in the field and other activities — I find that KOKOON provides me the flexibility and versatility that working moms really need. For example, tomorrow I have a board meeting, then I’m volunteering at school, and then an interview with a client in the afternoon — I’ll be wearing KOKOON tomorrow because it will get me through the day!


KOKOON: Why did you first become a host for KOKOON? What kept you doing it?

Ashley: Well, I really wanted to share KOKOON with my friends. I felt so many people in my life would appreciate it! It is so much less pressure than people think it is — quick setup, no pressure, no demonstration, and people just want to try on what their friends have tried on. People can mingle, socialize, have a good time, and try on clothes. Once someone tries on a piece of clothing, they are hooked. I have a friend who is a high risk OBGYN and she bought a dress and she shops KOKOON faithfully now — there is something for everyone.

KOKOON: A KOKOON item you can’t live without?

Ashley: The Otto pants! And the long layering tee – the ultra tee! They go with everything and transform what is already in your wardrobe. Really, the Otto pant is a lifesaver. The “legging” is in but these aren’t see-through like most leggings and they are warm, too. I wear mine with blazers, tunics, sweaters — they breathe new life into my wardrobe!


KOKOON: What is your most favorite part of the day?

Ashley: I would say… waking up and snuggling with my kids and ending my day tucking them in. They are 9 and 11 and they still want to hug their mom and snuggle and tell me about their day — it is the best part for sure.

KOKOON: Best/worst fashion item ever bought?

Ashley: Best – A really good fitting black blazer. It can be worn in every circumstance.

Worst – This is easy. High-waisted wide-legs pants. I am an hourglass figure so these were the worst thing.

KOKOON: If you could have one celebrity’s wardrobe/stylist it would be…

Ashley: I like classic dressers that look like ladies! Someone who dresses classic and feminine. Maybe Jessica Alba.


KOKOON: Why do you KOKOON?

Ashley: To make shopping easy, affordable, and flexible.

KOKOON: Trend this season that you could live without?

Ashley: I think that there is no place in the adult world for crop tops.

KOKOON: Who is your fashion idol?

Ashley: Nicole Miller – I’m a huge fan. I like the materials she uses and how easy they are to wear and put on. They are classic and can be worn season  to season, and its comfortable!

KOKOON: Any thing else you want to chat about?

Ashley: The only thing I want to add is I just really encourage people to try the clothes. Try them on. The hanger doesn’t always do them justice. They transform when a body goes in them and you can feel them. Give them a shot and try them on. You’ll be amazed.

Thank you, Ashley!! We had such a wonderful time learning all about Ashley, her style, and why she loves KOKOON as much as we love her.

And to learn more about KOKOON…shopping, hosting like Ashley, or building a fashion career, go to our website or email tess@kokoon.net.


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Our Fall 2014 Collection is here! But, it is still warm enough for those cute little tanks — the Augustus Chiffon Tank is the perfect piece for now and later.

Pair it with the ‘Two-Faced’ cardi for those chillier fall nights.wearitnow_01

Now & Later
1. KOKOON’s Augustus chiffon tank in Terra Verde | 2. KOKOON’s Two Faced cardigan in Pecan | 3. KOKOON’s Scrunch skirt in Pecan

4.// 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. 

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The KOKOON Fall 2014 Collection is nearly here! 2 days!

Today, I will share with you a few pieces that you will be able to wear now for the end of summer and beginning of fall and continue to wear through out the colder months — the perfect transitional pieces.


This super cute top — the Cat’s Cradle top – is feminine and flirty. It is perfect for the end of summer and the perfect stand out piece for under your favorite cardi or leather jacket for those chillier fall nights. Also available in black.

J1919 Conga


This cowl neck pattern tank — the  Augustus Chiffon Tank – is the absolute cutest. It is stunning on its own now and goes perfectly with our new cardigan body – the Two-faced cardi!

J1920 Terra Verde (2) J1920 Terra Verde (5)

Next we have the Back Flip Tee – one of my favorite pieces from the season! With a fabulous lace detail on the shoulder and a surprising back, this little top is sure to be a stunner.

J2008 Blue Mocha J2008 Blue Mocha (1)


And last but surely not least, the Brooklyn Day Dress in a brand new color! This raspberry tint is a perfect transitional color into fall. It will look lovely with your fresh summer tan but it also goes great over leggings, paired with little booties. Throw your favorite lightweight jacket over this look and you’ll have that ideal, fall woman-on-the-move vibe.

J5269 Raspberry (6)


Can’t wait? Neither can we! 2 more days and you can pick your own favorites. You might have a hard time narrowing it down ;)

In the meantime, be sure to check out our super fun Behind the Seams: Fall 2014 photoshoot video.

Any questions about the collection? Don’t hesitate to ask — either go to www.kokoon.net or email us at tess@kokoon.net.


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Do you ever get the feeling that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? I don’t really believe in fate, but yesterday, I had the overwhelming sense that I was meant to be at Nordstrom Rack. Let me backtrack. So… with all of this Fall collection inspiration running through the office, I can’t help but think of the shoes I will need to match my must-have pieces for the fall. I want a shoe (or shoes) that are feminine, funky, somewhat comfortable (at least wearable), modern, and all around kick-a$$.

I found THESE Jeffery Campbell’s:











on the internet a few weeks ago but couldn’t find them anywhere in my size. And I looked really hard — like, went -to-the-6th-search-page-on-google hard. I was bummed and thought I was going to have to search for a knock-off or imitation pair.

Anyway, after a long weekend of friend and work obligations, it got to be Sunday night and I found myself exhausted but for some reason wanting to make the trek out to Mall Of America (of all places…). So I went. Stumbled into Nordstrom Rack.

And voila! Amongst the rest of the size 6 display shoes were these exact shoes. The only pair. Right there. In my size! It was meant to be. Fate, if you will. Shoe fate.

So here I am — Monday mid-morning, sitting at my desk :) With my new shoes on.











Happy Monday! And remember, sometimes, you are exactly where you should be.



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In anticipation for our FALL 2014 Collection launch, we give you another sneak peek! Here we have our “Sharpie Pencil Skirt” and the “Everyday Sweatshirt” — KOKOON’s sporty and feminine take on the pencil skirt style.




More sneaks to come! Stay tuned :)

How would you wear this look?


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Okay — we are getting so excited to share the KOKOON Fall 2014 Collection with you!

So much so that we can’t wait. So we are going to be giving little sneak peeks until AUGUST 15th! – the official launch of our collection.

Lucky for me, I get to share with you today 2 (!!) of my favorite pieces from the collection.

First up: The Katniss Tunic. (Can you say badass, sexy, funky and sweet?)

KokoonFall14Emrgncy_0003_WEB KokoonFall14Emrgncy_0004_WEB


And the Sportify Dress! Sporty, sexy, fresh, and feminine.

KokoonFall14Emrgncy_0002_WEB KokoonFall14Emrgncy_0001_WEB


More to come! Stay tuned!



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Oddly enough, this Man-day is actually about Boyhood — the movie that is.


If you haven’t heard the buzz about this movie, I will fill you in. It is Richard Linklater’s newest film (also the director of Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, School of Rock, Bad News Bears — to name a few). The “thing” about this movie is that it was filmed in real time over 12 years — meaning the 6 year old at the beginning movie, is the same 18 year old boy/man at the end of the movie (actor Ellar Coltrane). Same with his father (Ethan Hawke), who starts out as an immature, removed father type, and ends up being, quite impressively, a loving and attentive father. His mother (Patricia Arquette), starting out as a struggling student and single mother and ends going through a series of failed relationships. And his sister (Lorelei Linklater), who also goes through the fantastic stages of growing up, just as awkwardly and as vulnerably as the Boy.

Why is this impressive? There is something amazing about getting to see someone grow up from an objective point of view. Maybe you see pictures of yourself as you go through childhood but you are also seeing yourself in the mirror everyday. Maybe you notice your brothers or sisters getting bigger, or neighbor kids, or cousins, but its not an  objective observation because you are getting bigger too. In the 2 1/2 hours of this movie, you get to see a real person go through the most innocent, awkward, rough, sad, emotional stages of life all while you are staying the same.

The few things I want to touch on in this movie are:

A) 12 years is a long time. For me, it’s about half my life. Its long enough to go through many relationships. Long enough to learn that many people will wander in and out of your life. 12 years is long enough to see visible aging (the Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette images below are longer than 12 years).





B) Childhood is awkward. Painfully. I almost forgot how awkward, in fact. In certain scenes in the movie, I remembered the horrible clothing trends, I was reminded what it was like to scream at my parents and think they were trying to ruin my life, I remembered the middle school/high school stressers that seemed like such a big deal at the time that are mostly insignificant. I remembered what it was like to get truly meaningful advice from my parents for the first time. What it was like to realize that the world is bigger than me and bigger than the small world I knew. What it was like to arrive at college and meet “your people” for the first time. And realizing that all of that would change too, and that it would be okay.

C) Ethan Hawke looks good.


D) I think this movie would be have wonderful without real time filming. As cool as it was to witness, this film would have been great without the actors growing older in front of you. The soundtrack, the filmography, the story, the acting, even the props — it was all great. The real time filming did not make the movie, but it definitely added to it.


I am no movie critic. I just like seeing movies when I can. And I really enjoyed this one! I recommend.


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So! July flew by. It always does. After the 4th of July, it seems like summer rushes by. Ever. Single. Year. But alas, here we are — spinning into August.

Our offices have been full of excitement as we get ready for our Fall 2014 Collection Launch. And let me tell you… we can’t wait!

(I say this every season but) I truly think that this is my FAVORITE collection thus far. I describe it as feminine, sexy, modest, vintage, industrial, and sporty. Hard to imagine? Here… let me help. A re-cap of our KOKOON July below… with pictures and everything.


In early July we had a photo shoot with one of our favorite local photogs, Emily Davis! She shot some lovely photos for Laine and of our studio as well!



photo-16 photo-13

Some family time :)

Our AMAZING Summer Sale and Clearance event — which, by the way, there is still time to shop!




Very exciting COVER photo shoot for Mpls St. Paul Magazine! So excited for the September Issue!


And… A little preview from our Behind the Seams: Fall 2014 Photo shoot with our incredible photographer Melissa Johnson!


Model4 Model9 Model11 Model5

Our Fall 2014 Collection launch is August 15th. Stay tuned for more to come! And Happy August to all!!


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It is that time of year again! The KOKOON offices are buzzing with fall inspiration, daydreams full of sweater knits, online shopping for boots — maybe that last one is just me… Anyway! We were rewarded for all of our hard work in the office over the past few months with a PERFECT day for our Fall photo shoot earlier this week. Sneak peaks below!



Model13 Model12 Model11 Model10 Model9 Model8 Model7 Model6 Model5 Model4 Model3 Model2 Model1

And a special little treat:

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