So I went to see my Chinese Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Dr. Li, and she gave me some ‘happiness needles’.

This is a real thing and it works. The acupuncture is kind of like a Valium, it just takes the edge off.
Or maybe she’s just so funny that I can’t help but be temporarily removed from my obsessive sadness.

Yesterday she asked me where I would recommend she shop for ‘plain, unfashionable pants’! She said she keeps looking in stores for plain, unfashionable pants and can’t find any she likes. She just cracks me up!

And today I watched this Thai video that just left me speechless.
Take a look at this video…it’s freaking awesome.

It might just take the place of happiness needles.

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Meet Ann O’Neal, our amazing Representative from Raleigh, NC!

Ann grew up in Raleigh and so did her husband. After a year in Switzerland during high school, a semester abroad in France during college and a few years in Singapore and Bali, she decided to settle back into her Raleigh roots when she met her husband and got married. We interviewed Ann to  find out her “must-haves”, her “go-to’s”, and her fashion do’s and don’ts. Read below for our full interview with our fabulous Representative, Ann O’Neal!

Ann and her lovely family!

Ann and her lovely family!

KOKOON: How you were introduced to KOKOON?

ANN: Laura Sigmund – one of y’alls first sales reps. About 10 years ago – we had a mutual friend and I owned a hair salon and I kind of had the front room as a boutique and this friend of mine was like, “You should call Laura and she could come set up her KOKOON boutique without borders!” So I was a host for 3 – 4 years before becoming a Rep.

KOKOON: Favorite hobbies, activities …etc…

ANN: Well, boats. I’m a boat girl. I love being on the beach and on the boat. I love to hike and bike. I’m happiest in a rural setting versus in a city setting. I love learning and going to museums. I like to cook and work out!

KOKOON: One KOKOON piece you can never live without?

ANN: Oh my god. I thought about this. I have what I call the “long sleeve cami” (KOKOON’s Ultra Tee). I wear it under everything. You can wear it by itself but it is great for layering as well!

KOKOON: If you had to describe your own personal style in 3 words…

ANN: Unique – I don’t like to look like everyone else — different than my daughter who wants to wear designer stuff and look like everyone else! I’m a little funky, hippy. Most people here are pretty conservative and tailored – I’m like, “oh, please”. I have an older sister and she said something to me like “wear a suit to a wedding!” I’m like, “I don’t own a suit! Who would wear a suit?” So… unique, hippy, comfortable, practical. I don’t like to bring my clothes to the dry cleaners. You have to wash your clothes. And I went my 35 year high school reunion and I had so many people say “You were the cutest girl there!” I was at a party the other day and a girl was like, “You always look so cute!”, and she is coming to see my KOKOON this week!


Ann and her friend in KOKOON and her KOKOON event!

KOKOON: Best part about repping KOKOON? What have you gained since repping KOKOON (besides super cute clothes)?

ANN: I love meeting all these new people! — I love going to a party and meeting new people and making new friends. It is a fun social thing for me. And the clothes, of course. It’s not that much work, it is just fun!

KOKOON: Who is your fashion idol? Why?

ANN: Before I sold KOKOON – I grew up riding horses, I was never into clothes, I wore blue jeans and no make up, wore birkenstocks, totally earthy, and fashion was never my thing. Until I owned a hair salon and had to start looking kind of nice for work. So I have no clue, unless it could be Laine (KOKOON’s designer)! Laine is my fashion idol. She changed my life!

KOKOON: Why KOKOON versus other direct sales?

ANN: I had hosted some other parties. When I sold my business and closed the salon – I thought to myself, “now what are you going to do? I have never worked for anyone else but myself, now what?” I didn’t want to get a job, I didn’t want to work for anyone else. So, I started thinking about Laura Sigmund, and thought that what she does looks really fun. So I called her and asked “are there other companies that do this?” And she was like, “why don’t you rep KOKOON? We’d love more Raleigh reps.” So I called Laine and talked to her for more than an hour and it went great! I kind of looked at other direct sales companies but the benefits to the hostesses at KOKOON  were just so good! KOKOON is better to their customers. I wanted to work for someone is who better to their customers and the clothes are so cute. And of course after having worked for KOKOON now, I love that it is made in America, that its washable, that you get new things in every few weeks – to me it was no brainer! And now knowing the staff and the customer service – it blows everyone else out of the water!


Ann in KOKOON!

KOKOON: What is your go-to outfit?

ANN: Always jeans. And that is what I love about KOKOON – all of the cute tops that go great with jeans, and they make me look cute versus boring.

KOKOON: What is your first “fashion” memory?

ANN: I remember when I was 14 living in Switzerland – I had a full length maxi denim skirt. I remember thinking,  ”it is a step up from wearing jeans – it is a fancier jeans!”

KOKOON: Worst fashion item ever bought? Best?

ANN: Worst – this one cracks me up to this day – my friends even laugh about it. When I was in college we had a dance and I have no idea why I bought this outfit — I had these red taffeta capris and I had this white ruffly blouse trimmed in gold, buttoned to my neck. I looked like stinkin’ Napoleon. I can’t remember what shoes I wore but I wore them with white knee-high socks.

Best – I have 4 pairs of cowboy boots. I’ll wear ‘em with a dress. I’ll wear a black one-shoulder dress and black/red/tan cowboy boots and be like, “I am snazzin.” I like cool coats, too. I have a red leather jacket that I love. I am very lucky that I have a few vintage coats from the 50’s. True retro coats — cool, cool, coats.


We had so much fun chatting with Ann and learning all about her fashion journey!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Representative of KOKOON like Ann, you can email us at or go to our website.

To see the clothes in person in the Raleigh area, email Ann at



Tess Weinberg

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What do you want from a dress?

Versatility? Sweet and Sexy?

Look no further.

The KOKOON Charleston Dropwaist Dress is here.


Day to Night


KOKOON’s Charleston Dropwaist Dress  

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

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It is that time of the season! For our Summer photo shoot, that is.

We were with our favorite photog, Melissa Johnson, and our amazing model Diana Elizabeth at her adorable home (with bunnies!!) in Phoenix.

Here are some of our behind the seams photos:







And some of my favorites from the shoot as a secret sneak peak! Shhh..


b5ZgTOpxeDUalLdeV5wCDMkk3AP2-2cG-WkX71ooDag eCF1ifrHtEZMYZqN57xgrD5WrteSyQdcTNEDmtL36rQ aSeUhq9-0_XSrgU5TKF9dcmwE2-STxUGlXEVPk59-ak LeFoj0NPqJgjWKq-IoSaCt7aFuHvPexdM7bSpwDpun0 ZZwwytALztTmVd4gvcIXZhiSJehyfO2ZbQJhoGzqOZo

7XYKAGmJfkmN74tq0-JxuXAI2NPNWFk9gvAZaaB5cwE eYm2dxElExgwEDZ3WYkUT9PR6Gb2q2pm2vx0T60Pd_8 U5z0uJHio-vFT5Cngx994bu7pi4uKClyxrRMcFuFtV8 wfS0orCt-tq07lFCriMHQtPJR1WXUe6tZxpJJVwLad4

I love these looks! Which is your favorite?

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Last night we enjoyed a spring training game at the new Cubs park in Mesa, AZ.
Besides almost getting decapitated by a line drive foul ball, it was a perfect evening with good friends, kettle corn, bad stadium wine, and lighthearted fans of all ages from all over the country thawing out under a balmy 72 degree, star filled sky.  If you are one of the lucky  ones traveling to a warm destination, all you need are a few light and easy pieces to create a week’s worth of vacation style!


Vacation Essentials


1. KOKOON’s Jacobean Maxi Dress  |  2. KOKOON’s Isla Linen Pant |  3. KOKOON’s Riblette tank | 4. KOKOON’s Picadilly blouse 

5. //  6. // 7. // 8. // 9. 

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Have you ever pondered what it would be like to be in control of your own business? Of your own fashion business?

Have you daydreamed about owning your own boutique? About having a place where friends and women can shop, mingle, and meet?

KOKOON boutique without borders allows independent women to do just that.


Here are the top ten reasons to become a KOKOON Sales Representative:

1. The cute clothes. Duh.

2. All of the new friends you’ll get to meet!

3. An excuse to get your girlfriends together without having to pretend you read the book for book club.

4. Your husband will be happy that you have successfully filled your home with beautiful, stylish women.

5. Trying on clothes is a great excuse to drink wine… or is it the other way around?

6. You earn commission…! Yes, we send you checks to hang out with your friends and try on cute clothes.

7. KOKOON allows you to make your own schedule. No more Monday 8AM conference calls. Or maybe that is your style? Great. At least you’ll be dressed well.

8. The endless compliments on your wardrobe.

9. Free clothes, great discounts, fun incentives and contests!

10. Did I mention the cute clothes?

On top of all of the “perks” of selling KOKOON, you can be assured that all our clothes are design and produced in the U.S. Don’t believe how all of these great things can be true? Read our interviews with some of our current Sales Reps. from Houston and from Phoenix. They’re just like you — and now they KOKOON!

If you or someone you know is interested in building an independent fashion career, please check out our website and learn more about becoming a Representative. Any questions? Contact us at — See if KOKOON is a fit for you!


Tess Weinberg


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Do you ever find yourself removed during the day? Daydreaming about what it feels like to have the sand between your toes, the cold water rush up to your calves, the beating of the hot sun on your salt-water moistened skin? Do you picture yourself here?


Many of us dream about vacations — to warmer, better realities than our own. To places where it is totally acceptable to drink Pina Coladas all day, walk around with out shoes, and have the biggest of our worries be what time room service stops serving.

Not me. I don’t dream of the beach vacation. After this winter in Minneapolis, my standards have been incredibly lowered. I now only long for the day when I don’t have to wear wool socks, leggings, and mittens. My daydreams consist of spring fabrics, of biased cut sundresses, of strapless (!!) sundresses, of sun hats. I am getting excited mearly typing the words. We got another few inches of snow last night/this morning here in Minneapolis and I am not pleased.

Look — I’m not that needy. All I want is to wear my favorite pieces without the after thought “this green dress won’t go with my wool-insulated leggings”. Or “can I wear snow boots with this dress to the fashion show?”.

I want Spring, dammit. And I want it now.

Here is why (please ignore the awkwardness of my mirror pictures):


Sidelines Dress in Black and Blue

Sidelines Dress in Black and Blue

Dippity Do Dress in Toast

Dippity Do Dress in Toast

Hampton Mini in Marley

Hampton Mini in Marley


These three dresses — the Sidelines dress, the Dippity Do, and the Hamptons Mini — are three of my favorites from this new season (you can check out the full line here). One day (and hopefully soon!) I will be able to wear these dresses without the inhibitions of weather appropriate dressing.  Fingers crossed!

Which is your favorite of the looks above? (I’m taking a poll to see which one I should wear first once it stops snowing..).

Happy Daydreaming :)


Tess Weinberg

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Simply Stunning
1. KOKOON’s Empire Falls Dress
2. // 3. // 4.

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Meet Marci Arnold, our awesome Representative in Houston, TX!

Marci grew up in Plainview, NY on Long Island and moved to Houston in 1991 and currently resides there with her family. We interviewed Marci to find out her “must-haves”, her “go-to’s”, and her fashion do’s and don’ts. Read below for our full interview with amazing Representative, Marci Arnold!

Marci (right) in KOKOON with her friend.

Marci (right) in KOKOON with her friend.

 KOKOON: How you were introduced to KOKOON?

 MARCI:  I found KOKOON by doing a Google search for clothing companies that do direct sales.  I loved the clothes I saw online, and when I called for information I was so impressed that I got to talk directly to KOKOON’s designer!

 KOKOON: What are some of your favorite hobbies, activities …etc…?

 MARCI: Spending family time with my husband (Mark) and kids (Alyssa – age 17, Jacob – age 15, Braden – age 12), cooking healthy recipes, exercise, travel, and volunteering around Houston.

  KOKOON: One KOKOON piece you can never live without?

 MARCI: My black  long sleeve ultra tee – best layering piece ever. Also the camis!


KOKOON: If you had to describe your own personal style in 3 words…

MARCI: Casual, stylish, a mix of modern and timeless

KOKOON: Best part about repping KOKOON? What have you gained since repping KOKOON (besides super cute clothes)?

MARCI: I love the personal connection I make with my clients and helping someone feel great about how she looks in a KOKOON outfit! It’s a wonderful feeling to know someone feels more confident and beautiful because I helped her choose something that looks stylish and fits so well.

I’ve gained a better sense of style and what looks good on different body types, a more in-depth knowledge of fashion trends and timeless looks, and I’ve gained a whole new set of friends by meeting many of the reps at our annual sales meetings!

 KOKOON: Who is your fashion idol? Why?

MARCI: Kate Middleton – she always looks classy and sophisticated! I love how she mixes designer labels with mainstream brands.

KOKOON: Why KOKOON versus other direct sales?

 MARCI: One thing that really attracted me to KOKOON was that I love having the flexibility to set my own schedule around my family and volunteer commitments, because those are both very important to me. Also I love that KOKOON allows me to be creative in how I build my business here. I’ve had incredible support from everyone at KOKOON – from Laine (our designer) to Amber who does all the logistics, to Zach who helps me with all my technical questions, to my fellow reps who let me bounce my ideas off them and give me advice on how to increase sales.

Marci and her mother in matching outfits, of course.

Marci and her mother in matching outfits, of course.

KOKOON: What is your go-to outfit?

MARCI: A great fitting pair of jeans, Chantilly chiffon blouse, and boots!

KOKOON:  What is your first “fashion” memory?

MARCI: I had to laugh at this one — my grandmother would make matching outfits for my sister, me, and my cousin. She’d make matching outfits for the three of us out of this 70′s polyester.

KOKOON: Worst fashion item ever bought? Best?

MARCI: Worst – I had the worst prom dress ever. I don’t even know what made me buy it. It was white lace with puffy sleeves, and a high neck. What was I thinking?

Best – all my KOKOON purchases, of course! And my Lucchese cowboy boots — they’re awesome and will never go out of style!



The Boots!

The Boots!

We had so much fun chatting with Marci and learning all about her and her personal style!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Representative of KOKOON like Marci, you can email us at or go to our website.

To see the clothes in person in the Houston area, email Marci at



Tess Weinberg


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As you may or may not know, March is Women’s History Month. What does this mean to me?

Well, I am a woman, first of all.

Secondly, it is important to look at the past and remember the histories of women who suffered and/or fought for  higher standards for women today. For all their work and passion, I am grateful.

Lastly, I work in the fashion industry. Throughout history, the fashion industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation for how it has treated women. From skewing the reality as to what a woman’s body looks like through corsets or photoshop to the mistreatment of industry workers — does the fashion industry have women’s backs?

I remember when I was in high school and learned about the tragedy of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911. It is one of the deadliest industrial disasters in the history of United States and nearly all of the victims were women. As the story goes — the owners of the business locked the doors to prevent unauthorized breaks. When the fire broke out, women were unable to exit the building safely which lead to many women jumping to their death or burning. Most of the victims, Jewish and Italian immigrants, were working for around $10 a week in exchange for 52 hours of work. All in all, it was a horrible tragedy.


Factory after the fire


Community in mourning after the fire

The fire lead to an improvement of safety standards and helped launch the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. But standards of garment workers around the world have not been universally improved. Recently in 2013, we saw the factory collapse of the Savar Building in Bangladesh. The death toll was 1,129. It is considered the deadliest garment factory accident in history. Of the victims, half were cited to have been women and many more were their children who stayed in the building’s nursery during the day. The garment workers were hired for 38 euros in exchange for a month’s work. This was slave labor.


Dhaka Savar Building after the collapse

I am not trying to remind you of these tragedies to inflict guilt or regret. March is Women’s History Month and I think it is important to consider how the industry I’m in has affected the lives of women, good and bad.

For me, it has been a wonderful opportunity to make women of many shapes, sizes, and ages feel special and beautiful and confident. For me, it has been a family business that I respect and am proud of. But I am also not a slave-laborer in Bangladesh or immigrant in the early 1900′s.

I am reminding you of these tragedies to hopefully encourage you to look at where the garments and products you buy are made. Did someone risk their life going to work today in spite of your blouse? I’m not saying I’m perfectly conscious all of the time, but it is good to be aware of what is going into the things we purchase. It is good to be aware of what we are supporting directly.

I am proud to work in the fashion industry but actually, I’m just mostly proud to work for KOKOON. Obviously, I am biased, but all of our products are designed in Minneapolis and produced in the U.S. I’m proud to tell women where and how our clothing is produced. We treat people like people and have created our business model around respecting humans and ethical thresholds. Some things are just more important than a cute top. :)

Alright, so this concludes my first post on Women’s History Month. Us women, we have to support each other. It is a much better business model than tearing each other and ourselves apart because of our body shape or unknowingly supporting slave labor in Bangladesh. Let’s try to remember how the past has treated women unfairly and strive for further improvements — like equal wages, for example.

Girl Power.


Tess Weinberg

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