You are the modern woman. And sometimes, you don’t have time plan out and style meticulously every outfit. And that is okay. In fact, it is more than okay! Look modernly feminine and put together with one of our favorite blouses! The Tailypo blouse. Shop our Sale and Clearance event now at!modern-feminine-outfit-guide-low

Modern Feminine
1. KOKOON’s Tailypo blouse in Tumbler 

2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

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Black and white are classics, but who says they have to be boring?

Let KOKOON help spice up your darks and lights with one of our favorite LBD’s the Supercowl. Or get the perfect sassy alternative for a blazer — the Ines Jacket!


Classically Bold
1. KOKOON’s Supercowl Dress in Black | 2. KOKOON’s Ines Jacket in Wave Rider 

3. // 4. // 5.

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This… might be the cutest LBD ever!

Lace detail on top and flounce skirt on the bottom. “The Madison” dress has arrived.

More fall testing coming!



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Its here! Its here!! KOKOON Summer Sale and Clearance is here!

Shop now at!




And…some of my featured favorites: 

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.16.54 PM





Arrow Halter — $88

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.18.37 PM







Milla Dress — $59

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.21.14 PM







Blouson Maxi — $44


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.23.51 PM







Draper top — $18


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.27.05 PM







Sybil top — $69

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.28.21 PM







Libra Tunic — $69


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.34.12 PM






Don’t Box Me In Cardi — $24


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.36.15 PM






Yoga Cardi — $14



Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.38.35 PM







Tory Skirt — $39

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.40.20 PM


Slouchy Crop Pants — $29





Just a few of my favs for a little taste… go to to check out the rest of the amazing deals!


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SNEAK PEAK!! KOKOON’s big twice a year sale starts next Tuesday, July 15th! Get this look :)


Steal This Look  at the KOKOON Sale & Clearance!
1. KOKOON’s Switchback Tank in Heather | 2. KOKOON’s Wanda Skirt in Quarry 

3.// 4.// 5.

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Our Summer Sale & Clearance event is quite possible the best part of summer! You know, besides sunny beach days, mojitos, and iced coffee. Starting on TUESDAY, JULY 15, stock up on your KOKOON!

Seriously, you wont want to miss this.


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Meet Justin and Julie Gasper!

J&J in SF Elevator
Justin (Self-employed Software Developer and Project Manager) & Julie (Baker and owner of A Dash of Delicious bakeshop) Gasper are from Wausau, Wisconsin.  They both grew up there, met and dated in high school, went to college at Winona State University in Minnesota, and got married shortly after they graduated.
Justin and Julie are the greatest! — they enjoy spending time with their family and close friends, try to be involved in their church, and desire to build into their community.

KOKOON: What are your hobbies, interests, favorite activities…?

Julie: We have pretty typical hobbies and interests… Justin enjoys golfing and running and makes a mean latte, and I’m a fan of a getting in a good workout out before a day of baking in the kitchen.  But overwhelmingly, we both have an absolute love of travelling and eating! We find so much satisfaction in trying new flavors, new local produce, and new products that others have put so much joy and care into.  We love connecting with the people that have put their time, energy, and talents into creating something they love and want to share with others. There are so many incredibly beautiful places to visit around the world and in our own country, and the more we experience the more we come to see just how vital each role, each job, each PERSON is to each other.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

KOKOON: What is your philosophy for shopping mostly Made in America products? Why do you feel it is important?

Julie: This philosophy has definitely developed for us over time and really was a “Put your money where your mouth is” type of decision. I think our “Made in America” priority stemmed from our desire to first learn where the food we ate came from, to first try to support local farmers and producers.  That gave way to wanting to know where our soaps, shampoos, and cleaning supplies came from and what went into them.  Which then lead to wanting to know and try to support those living around us in a struggling economy were being given the opportunity to produce goods and provide services that they could take pride in and make a living from.  Buying Made in America products helps us to choose to support individuals and businesses that are actively supporting their local communities.  My desire is simply that craftsmen and women are compensated appropriately and fairly and treated with respect.
Justin: Made in America is my way of attempting to ensure that my clothing is made ethically with regards to labor.  I don’t like the idea of taking advantage of other, less fortunate, cultures and individuals just to save a few dollars in the short-term.  In my opinion, not caring how your clothing is made casts a blind eye towards a huge global problem with immoral labor practices in other countries.  I have no problem with additional cost to support clothing that I know is manufactured by people making a fair wage and being treated correctly.  It may be more expensive, but I just have less clothes, which makes my life easier in general.  A happy side effect of buying Made in America is that the products tend to be much higher quality in general, so I honestly don’t think it’s more expensive in the long run because I’ll end up replacing my items far less often.

KOKOON: What is the general reaction when people discover you shop Made in America products?

Julie: I think the biggest comment I get in regards to this is “it’s too expensive!” and I certainly understand that budgeting for these goods is necessary and some people may feel it is out of their price range.  I do feel the extra cost is warranted and the resulting products and benefit for others is worth it.  I am not always very vocal about this, as it may cause people to think we are judging the things they buy, which is never the case.  We are making a choice to spend our earnings on certain goods and services that work within our belief system and budget, just as so many others do as well.
Justin: This isn’t something that we generally actively evangelize, but I think people understand the reasoning behind wanting to have a clear conscience about what I’m wearing.

KOKOON: What is the easiest/hardest thing to find Made in America?

Julie: Well-constructed (and modest) swimsuits and undergarments (such as bras and underwear) and shoes for women!  I have near about given up on this!
Justin: For me, it’s outerwear.  I still haven’t found a heavy winter coat, but pretty much everything else I’ve been able to find.  Shoes, socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts, etc… The internet has been an excellent resource for access to clothing from boutique manufacturers that I just wouldn’t have access to otherwise, being in a small city in Wisconsin. In general, it seems like men’s clothing is easier to find made in America.  There seems to be a growing wave of manufacturers that are making this a priority.
Justin in Tasmania

KOKOON: How you were introduced to KOKOON?

Julie: Lindsey with FashionFix had taken on the task of helping me search for high quality and fashionable Made in America products.  She was so excited to share KOKOON with me after attending an event several months ago.  When Justin and I made it to the Cities after that, she arranged a session at the KOKOON studio for me to not only see the clothes and the process behind their development and construction, but also have the chance to try on and purchase some items.  It was such a fun, positive experience and I loved just about everything that I put on!  The hard part was narrowing down a few items to actually take home!  I have been so impressed with, and received many compliments on, my KOKOON pieces.  The fit is lovely, the pieces are versatile and work in well with my lifestyle and I enjoy knowing that everyone that is involved in the design and fabrication of this clothing is treated with respect.

KOKOON: Best/worst fashion item ever bought?

Julie: A pair of enormously comfortable, slouchy sweatpants in college that got worn for far too many years and in far too many locations outside our apartment.  Yikes.  Justin finally begged me to throw those away!
Justin: My “grandpa” sweater.  This was a nice (at least I thought it was nice) cardigan that I found on clearance somewhere, but Julie took one look at it and declared it was not fit to leave the apartment :)  It did keep me warm for a few winters while working at home though.

KOKOON: What is your motto?

J&J: Well, neither Justin nor I could think of any real mottos, and instead started spouting off lines from commercials and shows that we have often repeated…
“I want to go to there.” from 30 Rock
“Believe in your smelf!” Old Spice Commercial
“It’s ham in water… I call it Hot Ham Water.” from Arrested Development
“Don’t stray from the path!” from Into the Woods
“A-O RIVER!” from Portlandia
And really, in all seriousness, we try to just come back to “Treat others as you wish to be treated!”

KOKOON: What qualities do you look for in your apparel?

Julie: As we have shifted our focus to Made in America clothing, I try to check out companies that we have bought from in the past and know their fair labor practices.  At the same time, the more I work with Lindsey at FashionFix and follow her blog, I try to find items that I will enjoy wearing that can be easily styled and fit in with the other items I own.  But it also comes down to comfort and fit. Often this requires extra time in the dressing room or returning more items found online, but the piece of clothing I end up keeping and wearing regularly will be well-loved!
Justin: After being ethically produced, I’m looking for fit and finish.  I am a fairly conservative dresser, so relatively muted patterns and solid colors and classic looks are what I am drawn to.  I also have to ensure that the clothes fit and are comfortable.  If the clothes aren’t comfortable, I know I won’t wear it, even if it looks good.
J&J in Sydney
We had such a great time learning all about Julie and Justin and their passions. Without supporters of Made in America products like Julie and Justin, we wouldn’t be able to do what do today.


To learn more about the Made in America movement, check out this article.


And to learn more about KOKOON…shopping, hosting, or building a fashion career, go to our website or email


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A friend messaged me last week and said that she found my Doppelganger (finally!!). I’ve actually always wanted a Doppelganger. I guess I am not sure why. Maybe, out of a place of self-consciousness, it is so I can see how other people see me/ see what I actually look like instead of through inevitable self-criticizing eyes. And as a quarter Asian/Russian jewish mix, not thaaaaaat many people look a ton like me. Anyway, when my friend messaged me and said “I’ve found your look-a-like!”, I couldn’t wait to see who. She sent me a link. I clicked it.

Her name is Jenny Slate. Ever heard of her?


First of all, I think she is incredible beautiful, so I was very flattered :) Thank you, friend of mine!

Secondly, I don’t think I look like her at all. But! She is awesome. Here is why:

  1. She played this character on one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation.
  2. She created this voice. The best.
  3. And many other awesome appearances.. here is her IMDB.

Then, I saw the movie “Obvious Child“.

Okay, if you don’t fall in love with her from the movie trailer alone, I don’t get you.

I saw this movie on Saturday night, the perfect time to go to a rom-com alone (yes, not on a date — apparently, this is what single people do on Saturday nights).

Besides addressing timely stances on women’s rights (yeah, Hobby Lobby, uh huh), this movie addresses that weird in-between point that actually seems to be what life just is now. The uncertainty, the silly experiences, the mistakes, the drunk-dials, the messiness — the meat, the stuff — and it does so in a very humorous, very clever, very endearing way. I loved it.

A few favorite quotes from the movie:

  1. Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m kind of in an emotional crisis right now.
  2. I know you are going through some pain right now, but you are always going to be going through something.
  3. What’s so great about you, is that your are unapologetically yourself.
  4. Creative energy sometimes comes from the lowest point in your life.

See this movie. This is my endorsement.

Okay, so… since this is technically a fashion-centric blog, I thought I should include something about fashion. The fashion in this movie is, well, take a look for yourself.






Very Williamsburg-y, “it’s winter, and f@$%ing cold, and I’m probably not going to put a toooooon of time and/or thought into this outfit, but I still look pretty cute, regardless.”

That being said — this woman rocked it on the red carpet for promotional events for this movie.





Cute, fresh, modest yet sexy. Perfect.


Thanks for reading :)


With love, a healthy amount of self-doubt, and appreciation for the uncertainty in life,


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KOKOON (cutest Made in America clothes ever!) 4th of July flash sale! 20% off everything on our website, for Facebook Fans only!

Now through July 6th >> << Enter Promo Code “Happy4th” and have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Don’t let the fireworks steal the show ;)


The Patriot
1. KOKOON’s Salty Stripe Dress | 2. KOKOON’s Hopscotch Sweatshirt | 3. KOKOON’s Jacobean Sundress | 4. KOKOON’s Victor Victoria Cardigan

 5. KOKOON’s Riblette Tank6. KOKOON’s Stacked Deck Skirt 

7.// 8.// 9.// 10.// 11.// 12.

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Technically, this first one was in May…but, whatever.

We had our exciting KOKOON event in Houston at Kendra Scott with our amazing Rep Marci Arnold!

photo-8 copy


We had our KOKOON for a Cause: Stylist Edition event at the KOKOON headquarters! It was a fabulous evening — so many wonderful donations and spirits! We gathered over 500 clothing items and numerous accessories!

photo-7 copy

Our fabulous stylists and models!

photo-6 copy




New Fall 2014 testing!! Couldn’t be more excited.

photo-5 copy 2

downtonsweater test1


Oh, and its finally Summer!


Here is my favorite Merch guide  of June (I also just love this dress….)


Overall, June has been an amazing month for us here at KOKOON and we can’t wait to see what July has in store (hint: huge summer sale!!). Stay tuned!




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